Network Services


Network Solutions

Networking environments are common place in many organizations today. This enhances the ease with which people share information and other resources.

Over the years, we have been exposed to various projects that has helped us to build

the proficiency needed to deliver on task management, network security, disaster recovery, internet connectivity and a lot more.

Wonderlan technologies sees ICT as the platform for all your business functions and communications. It provides a powerful point of differentiation through availability, flexibility, performance and security for working businesses.


Network Cabling installation – Design, Install, Relocate and Restructure

This involves the design and implementation of structured cabling methods, using both wired and optical cables for voice and data networks in the implementation of Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).


Wireless Networks

A wireless network brings more flexibility to the modern office, often maximizing workspace for higher productivity. We can deploy various wireless technologies for point to point and point to multipoint connectivity.


Internet Security

With the exposure of private networks to the internet, security has become a major concern for many organizations. We implement defense systems that will protect your data from intruders both from within and outside your network. Our defense systems are being continuously upgraded to meet today’s network security challenges. Wonderlan technologies provide security solutions that will prevent an unauthorized access, misuse and modification of data from your network.


Server Installation and Configuration

We have deployed various servers on windows and Linux platforms; application servers, domain controllers, active directory, email servers, firewalls, visualizations VMware etc., for our clients. We are very much competent in these areas.


Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster can strike at any time; hence it is of uttermost importance to be prepared and be at alert. Our disaster recovery plan helps you to prepare for such times as well as providing you with contingency plans to put in place, guarantying a minimum downtime and the protection of valuable data.


Remote Access

We will help you explore ways of working remotely from anywhere outside your office via a secured connection to your office LAN.


Internet Access

We deploy technologies that distribute internet securely over your LAN.


Data centre networking

We help you modernize your data centre network technology, automate your operations, review and adjust your financial and consumption models



Software & Learning Solutions

Software defined networking. We explore the possibilities of more intelligent, programmable and automated networking within your business and plan a route for future developments.​​ In collaboration with our technical partners, we provide a wide range of software solutions and training programs


Maintenance Solutions

Help Desk Support

Our helpdesk services are designed to give you personal attention without making a visit to your site. All our helpdesk services are FREE and available to everyone. You can take advantage of this service to solve or get expert opinion on all your PC problems, get quotes for computers, IT equipments and accessories. Our online and help desk telephone support line is open from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Our email support is also open 24 hours on these days.


On-Site Support

Some problems require that we make a visit to your site to solve. This is the kind of support we call an on-site support and it attracts a fee. This fee is a flat rate referred to as a service charge and it does not include the cost of any replaced components on your equipment.



Outsourced Support

High capital investment on ICT, insignificant improvement in productivity is a common place in many organizations today. This is mostly due to loss of focus by many organizations on their core businesses as a result of the demands of managing an effective and efficient ICT department.

Our outsourcing services are flexible, cost effective and are designed to guarantee maximum return on IT investment for our clients through efficient Infrastructure management, performance and capacity planning, audit and systems integration services. Our outsourced support covers areas such as routine preventive and corrective maintenance on computer systems, network administration and management. This support service is delivered on a contract basis which is renewable annually.