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Blackfly – the latest effort at flying car 2018

Blackfly is the latest attempt at flying car 2018

At California, a flying car that will need no pilot’s licence has been exhibited. Blackfly, in its ability, can travel close to 25 miles (40km) at a speed of 62mph. Its makers say that it will eventually cost the same as a typical sports-utility car, meanwhile the early models will be more expensive.


Celebrities Lose followers as twitter tries to build user’s trust

Unfortunately, some of the world’s most celebrated stars have lost millions of Twitter followers after company cracked down on locked account.

Katy Perry (US singer) who is the most followed user on Twitter and Lady Gaga have lost about 2.5 million followers. The former US president, Barack Obama has gone down by 2.1 million.

The social media company said it took the decision because of its “ongoing and global effort to build trust.”

It follows renewed scrutiny over fake news and users on social media.


The sales of PC’s are now growing faster since six years ago

PC’s shipments are undoubtedly growing for the first time in six years. Gartner, a market research firm, and IDC have both accepted that the PC market grow in the second quarter of 2018. And, IDC is claiming a rise of 2.7 percent while Gartner is accounting for a modest of  2.7 percent increase. IDC was the first to revealed the PC market starting to flatten and showed potential growth growth last year. However, both Gartner and IDC track PC shipments separately.

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Active defence

Hackers are finding very easy to bypass primitive cyber defences causing tension and security alerts in businesses. A lot of firms are currently harnessing big data and implementing cutting edge verification checks. As a matter of fact, some can even spot you by how you quickly type your computer keys and how you hold your mobile keys.


US developed cheetah robot can climb stairs


A robot built to resemble a Cheetah, with the ability to navigate difficult terrain, has been developed by Massachusetts Institutes of Technology’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The CheetahIII, which weigh 90 pounds, can climb debris – covered stairs at 23km/h and can stand up if it falls down.

The third generation machine will initially be deployed as an inspection robot in nuclear or chemical plants and can be remote controlled or operate semiautonomous.


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