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Facebook faces £500,000 fine from UK data watchdog.

The UK’s data protection watchdog plans of  fining the social media big brother, Facebook, £500,000 (maximum allowed) for breaching data.

The information commissioner’s office said Facebook had failed to ensure another company – Cambridge Analytical – had deleted user’s data.

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Apple worker stole driverless car secrets

A former worker of Apple is accused of stealing the company’s self-driving car secrets and trying to run to China with them.

The accused name is Xialolang Zhang who worked on Apple’s driverless car project but is  alleged of moving to the Chinese autonomous vechile start-up Xiaopeng motors, the company says in its documents. He was arrested  at Sanjose airport, California on the 7th of July. The FBI has charged him of stealing trade secrets.

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Paypal said to a customer that her death breached its rules

Paypal had written to a customer who died of cancer telling her that her death is the reason why its rules was breached and that as a consequence, it might lead to legal action.

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Willmott Dixon staff see through concrete with mobile app


Willmott Dixon workers can now see through concrete by using a mobile phone app which shows a mix of reality and 3D construction models like the Microsft’s Hololens.

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Artificial intelligence(AI) can sight people through walls

Researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US, have created an artificial intelligence software which can see through walls.

The AI software is known as RF-Pose and CSAIL hope to use this technology to detect degenerative diseases by monitoring movement in elderly people.

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Fifa’s World Cup performers trackers

Every team in the 2018 World Cup is given access to data from Fifa’s optical tracking system.

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Who’s testing the world cup football?

Telstar 18, the official World Cup 2018 ball, get through its paces at a British University.

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