Exoskeleton – the new technology

The new technology of an exoskeleton

At the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology Biomechatronics Lab, some researchers are now working on an exoskeleton that can help people to work and play for longer hours without being exhausted or tired.

What is Exoskeleton?

An exoskeleton is an external frame which can be worn to give support to the body in order to help the person wearing it to overcome an injury or to enhance their capabilities. It is powered by a system of electric motors, the frames give extra movement, strength and endurance.

If you put on an exoskeleton you could race for the entire day without being exhausted. An exoskeleton will gives you the support you need to carry out duty all day long without wearing out. That is the power in an exoskeleton.

There is even an exoskeleton which allows you to stay on your feet longer at work.

Having said that, some ethical questions have been raised concerning this magical exoskeleton.

What are the ethical questions raised concerning the technology?

Prof Neol Sharkey, a co-founder for the Foundation for Responsible Robotics. While speaking to the BBC, he is worried by the idea of technology that let human to work longer hours.

“You could have exoskeletons on building sites that would help people not to get physically tired, but working longer would make you mentally tired and we don’t have a means of stopping that.” He told the BBC.

“We design these systems and ask whether it might be misused. We need ethical design from the start and I would design exoskeleton that switch themselves off after six hours.”

In order not to limit the technology.

Mr Clites said, “we don’t stop building cars because some people will drive drunk.”

“We look at technology and think that  if the benefits outweigh the risk for people to abuse it, then we are excited to go after the technology.” He added.

Are you ready for an exoskeleton? Do you think you think is the right technology we need or not? Let the world have your say by commenting through the comment box below.








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