Fortnite playground mode took offline swiftly

Fortnite playground mode took offline swiftly

Fortnite is widely popular and has over 25 million players.

The play ground mode which allows newbies and novices to play has been taken offline not less than some hours.

Many of the newbies have been finding it tough to compete with the more experienced Fortnite players.

Epic Games (Fortnite firm) said that the playground mode would be reinstated while multiple teams are working on fixing it.

Fortnite has more than 125million players and a multi-player Battle Royale mode where people fight each other in a session of 20 minutes.

One hundred gamers in overall join every session, set on an island, with the person who survives the longest winning.

“A problem for Fortnite is you are typically going up against people who have a lot more experience in the game,” explained Wesley Yin-Pole, the deputy editor of the games site Eurogamer.

Further more, he said that while each session begins without any one player having a competitive advantage over another, those with more experience can quickly get ahead of newer players.

“You haven’t really been able to practise Fortnite before,” Mr. Yin-Pole said.

“The idea of being able to drop into a relatively relaxed environment and just practice was a fantastic idea.”

An android version for the game is expected to be available by this summer. And according to Mr. Yin Pole, there is huge interest in it from his website’s readers. “It’s going to be massive,” he remarked.


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