Machine fired an employee from his job

Machine fired an employee from job

The name of the man who got fired from his work is Ibrahim Diallo. It was machine that sacked him from job in place of his manager.

It happened when his entry pass to the Los Angeles skyscraper of his office malfunctioned or failed to work, to be precise. This had made him to rely on the security guard to allows him to enter.

According to him, “As soon as I got to my floor, I went to see my manager to let her know that she promised to order me a new one right away.”

He was frustrated as he could not enter into his office.

Moreover, he discovered that he had been logged out of his work system and a friend informed him that the word inactive was listed alongside his name.

Obviously, it was a terrible day for him, “the system was out for a blood and I was its first victim,” He said.

Mr Diallo waited till after launch for a co-worker to allows him return to his office, then his employer told him that she had gotten an email indicating that his contract had been terminated. And, she promised to resolve the issue.

In the next day of the terrible event, the victim was locked out of every single system other than his Linux machine. Just after launch, two people showed up at his desk that they had received an email instructing them to escort him out of the building.

His manager was startled and confused. “I was fired and there is nothing my manager could do about it.” He said. “There was nothing the director could do about it. ‘They stood powerless as I packed my stuff and left the building,’ ” He added.

It took his bosses three weeks to find out why he was fired.

Furthermore, machines took over-flagging him as an ex-employee.

However, Mr Diallo was allowed to return back to his work. But, he had missed out on three weeks worth of pay and been escorted from the building like a thief. He tried to explain the story to other employees but he discovered that became distant. So, he decided to move to another job.

According to Dave Coplin, an AI expert, his story should serve as a cautionary tale about human-machine relationship.

“It’s another example of a failure of human thinking where they allow it to be humans versus machines,” he said.

“One of the fundamental skill for all humans in an AI world is accountability – just because the algorithm says it’s the answer, it doesn’t mean it actually is,” He added.



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