AI has helped a radio journalist who lost his voice to broadcast again

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One radio Journalist whose name is Jamie Dupree lost his voice two years ago, but his has been given a new voice with the aid of artificial intelligence. AI has given him the opportunity to return to the air again.

Jamie Dupree whose age is 54, a Political radio journalist with Cox Media Group, he was unable to talk due to a rare neurological condition.

The technology which gave him a new voice is credited to a Scottish company called Cereproc. Cereproc trained a neural network to predict if Mr.Dupree would talk by using samples from his old voice recordings.

This has saved my job and saved my family from terrible financial unknown, said Mr.Dupree. There is not much of a market for radio reporters who can’t talk, he added

However, creating a voice for an individual will requires him to read out a script which will last for 30 hours to gather enough.

The AI ┬áis used to chop up words from the audio file and stick them back on demand. The technology can also be used for predicting and imitating a person’s speech patterns.

The methods may cost ten thousands pounds and can even take a month to produce a single voice.


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