Facebook plan to protects Children from gun accessory adverts

Facebook sets to protect children from guns accessories adverts

Facebook is now set to cuts out gun accessories adverts for children.

This will takes effect when the tech giant updates its policy from the 21st of this month.

As at now, adverts such as: scopes, holsters, gun mounted lights, slings, belt-extra, save and many other items are exposed to any Facebook’s users.

According to Facebook, its decision has followed a “regular review” of its policies.

However, the Verge – a tech news site -assumed that this move has something to do with the renewed focus on gun violence in the US following a series of school shootings.

The sales of weapons, ammunitions, explosive and magazines had already been restricted on Facebook as were those that helped people modify guns.

Facebook has also disclosed its plan to address the issue of ads being targeted for its users. The social media network is now planning to improve this issue.

Finally, starting from the second of July, Facebook’s users will be informed when advertisers has used a data broker, a company which collects and sells customer data to allow better advert targeting.

Chris Adedoyin


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