Social media firms are taking measures against online addiction

Some health experts think social media addiction could be detriment to the health as obesity.

Due to this, some social media firms have taken some measures to reduce online addiction so as to protect our children from being exposed to the danger.

Snapchat has said that its streaks has not been designed in order to foster addiction. A Snap Chat  spokes person confirmed that Snap streaks were designed to allow friendship to deepen, overtime and were meant to be lighthearted and fun.

According to the spokes person, In an update, the streaks indicator has been made smaller to reduce the amount of attention given to them.

Apple has now introduced time limit in its new operating system which will aid users to pre-determine how much time they should spend by using individual apps and setting off an alert when that allowance is used up.

Finally, Google also is now focusing on reducing screen-time with pop-ups on YouTube telling children to “take a break” after a certain amount of time predetermined by their parents.


Chris Adedoyin


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