What YouTube Says About Algorithm Experiment

YouTube has said the algorithm experiment only appeared for a few category of people.

It emphasized the personalized feed  was a choice and it has no plan of removing the chronological feed.

YouTube has moved its focus away from the number of “views” which a video attracts to overall watch time.

The video-makers are now encouraged to create longer videos which will keep the viewers on the platform for a long period.

The adjustment account for the reason why short videos, as DIY demonstrations or ‘how to’ tutorials are now often dragged out over ten minutes and above.

YouTube said, “We’re testing a setting that allows users to sort the subscriptions feed based on the content user usually engages with the most.”

“This is one of many small experiments we run all the time on YouTube.”

There is a video editor who suggested that YouTube needed to improve its communication about algorithm experiment.

Seth Brow said, “Just tell us or email before you roll out an ‘experiment,” “It’s not that hard guys.”

Chris Adedoyin


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