Angry YouTube Video Stars Criticized Algorithm Tests

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YouTube subscription used to be in a chronological list order which have to do with videos from all channels from which a person had chosen to subscribe to. This method allows people curate a personalised feed filled with contents from their favourite video makers.

Angry YouTube video Star criticized algorithm test

Having said that, a lot of video-makers have complained about some of their videos which have not been appearing in the subscription feed so far, and have also queried and questioned if YouTube has been maneuvering and  manipulating  the list in order to fosters viewer retention rates and increases advertising earnings.

The YouTube latest experiment has caused the unusual. Instead of showing the most recent videos at the top, YouTube said the influenced feed is showing the videos they will like to watch.

Here are some of the reason why the YouTube Video Stars are Furious.

A video maker called Gary C said, “when I click subscribe on a YouTube channel, that’s me saying; more of this, please,” “I don’t expect to be forced feed things YouTube ‘thinks’ I should see. I have closely 47,000 people who said yes I’m regularly asked if I still post videos.”

A successful videos-maker, Technology Vlogger Marques Brownlee (who has over six million subscribers) said prioritising videos “they think we want to see” was a business “business move.” And he added. “It’s a subscription box; users chose to subscribe, they want to see it all, if they don’t, they will unsubscribe.”

“People use the subscription tab to mainly avoid this sort of algorithmic behaviour on the platform.” Said games reviewer, Sean Mc Loughlin (He produces videos as Jacksepticeye). “Please keep that on the home page and recommendations.”

A lifestyle Vlogger Alfie Dyes (who has more five million subscribers on the platform) said, it was the “worst decision YouTube has made in the past nine years I’ve been making videos.”



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