Extended Reality (XR): Technology Evolution to the End of Distance

Immersive experiences are changing the way people connect with information, experiences, and each other. Via virtual and augmented reality, extended reality is the first technology to relocate people in time and space and it’s bringing about the end of distance.

Extended reality


Organizations are using XR to bridge the distance between people, with immersive environment making it possible for employees to be everywhere, XR-based solutions and innovations are growing across the workforce and through out customer facing products and services.

Extended reality trend in companies and organizations

Following years of relative stagnation, the corporate training industry is expected to grow at 10percent CAGR from 2017 through 2020.

Its growth is driven by the need to train or reskill increasing distributed and far-flung workers for a decidedly digital failure, making worker’s training ripe for transformation with XR.

Walmart used VR  to prepare store manages for the chaos of black Friday. America biggest shopping day.

Komatsu,  a heavy machine manufacturer has expanded its value proposition by offering virtual for heavy equipment operators, in any location and regardless of weather condition. 

XR will also help business address the largest workforce challenge they face: the distance between themselves and the talent they need to grow.

The technology support an on-demand workforce approach, which not only saves in recruitment costs, but also help businesses engage an ever-growing pool of talents who desires flexibility. Through immersive experiences, business can tap expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world.

As XR-based remote control of physical system becomes common, companies will be able to hire for manufacturing, assembly, and robotics expertise from a global pool of the best candidates, regardless of where they live.

The result is an opportunity to design business without the limiting factor of distance and for workers to eliminate.

Revolutionized workforce training and expanded access to expertise are just the beginning of what XR can achieve for business, and they’re actionable – and immediately beneficial – options for the enterprises today.

Embracing immersive technologies for training process, to enhancing the skills of long-time employees.

In the fight for the best talent, XR delivers a powerful advantage.


Chris Adedoyin


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