Artificial Intelligence: the next big thing in Organization

All businesses are advice to move with the cloud as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now becoming your company’s digital spokesman.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses

Artificial Intelligence in display

AI has grown to the point where it often has as much influence as the people putting it to use, both within and outside the company.

In the corporate world, the deployment of AI is no longer about training it to perform a given task. It’s about raising it to act as a responsible representative of the business and a contributing member of the society.

Researchers at New York’s Ichan school of medicine have a special collaborator in the hospital. Their in-house AI system, known as “Deep patient”. Armed with analysis of electronics health records from 700,000 patients. The Deep patient taught itself to predict risk factors for 78 diverse disease and doctors have now turned to the system to aid in diagnoses. The Deep Patient may not be a person, but it’s more than just a program. 

Artificial Intelligence your next co-worker

Artificially intelligent system learn, make autonomous decisions and have grown from a technological tool to a partner among people, coordinating and collaborating with humans in the workforce and society.

AI makes work efficient and save labour cost.

As the autonomy and sophisticated capacities of AI increase, AI now continuously has much much influences as the people using it. From a survey report, four out of five executives believe within the next two years. AI will work next to humans in their work places as co-worker, collaboration and trusted advisors.

Currently, AI has helped fashion stylists at San Fransisco-based stich fix curate customers outfits and assist claims adjustors at Ant Financial Insurance in China in making insurance payout decisions.

AI system has even had a position on the leadership team at the Nordic software maker, Tieto, where the company looks to its AI, called “Alicia T,” to help the team become more data driven.

In some organizations, AI has already become the public face of business, handling everything from initial interactions through chat, voice, and email, through to filling vital customer service roles. And these roles will only grow: According to IDC forecasts, global corporate spending on cognition/AI systems will increase at a 54% compound annual growth(CAGR)  between 2015 and 2020.


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