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Moving with the cloud is the latest campaign for businesses to remain effective and efficient. Any businesses which do no keep abreast of the current and latest happenings in the world technology might be out with no time. Do you own a company? are you a CEO or you are a representative? If yes, this post about artificial intelligence and its impact on business is for you.

Artificial Intelligence in display.

For businesses and the society to explain the process used to arrive at a decision can be critical. Given that an AI system is fundamentally designed to collaborate with people, companies must build and train their AIs to provide clear explanations for the actions the AI system decides to take in a format that people understand.

AI makes work efficient and save labour cost.

Some executives have raised this: 88% of those surveyed agree that it is important for employees and customers to understand the general principles used to make AI-based decisions by their organizations.

Drive PX, NVIDA’s AI-infused self-driving car platform, can teach itself to drive but until recently, the way it did so was a mystery. In an effort to improve the system, NVIDA engineers prioritized opening the AI black box, and developed a way to get a Drive PX vechile to visually explain its driving style.

The platform does so by displaying a video of recently driven streetscape, over which it then highlights areas that it gave the most weight to driven navigation.

In other instance, Capital one is researching ways to review credit card applications since banking regulations require that financial companies furnish an explanation to customers when their application is denied.

The government policy makers are considering rules to govern the decision-making area of AIs too. The spirit of European Union General Data protection which takes effect in 2018, gives individuals a ‘right ┬áto explanation for decision made by AIs and other algorithms.



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