The US Drone’s Project

Drone which is capable of monitoring crops, controlling mosquitoes population and delivering defibrillators will be tested in the US airspace. 10 commercial drones projects have been selected for trying new methods for unmanned aircraft to be integrated in the skies. Included are Zipline and Apple. Amazon was not among.

Amazon was not part of the US drone commercial project

Based on what Reuters said, Amazon applied to deliver goods by drones to shoppers New York but was not accepted. In the same vein, it said that DJI, the world’s biggest nonmilitary drone maker, made about a dozen of applications while none was approved.

Over 1million drones and 94,400 pilots are registered with he FAA.


Over 1million drones and 90,000 pilots, as at now, have registered with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) has been programmed to solve some challenges concerning integrating drones into the national airspace especially on reducing risks to the public safety.

Apple was chosen to take images of North Carolina by drone. Microsoft, Uber and Intel are part of the project.

What are the 10 Chosen Drone’s Projects?

  1. One governmental agency based in Florida will be using drones to help in controlling mosquitoes.
  2. Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma will be working on flying drones above the Pilot’s line of view in conjunction with CNN.
  3. The North Carolina will be working with Flytrex on testing food delivery services.
  4. FedEx will be focusing on working with Memphis County Airport Authority by using drones for security, infrastructure plus part’s delivery.
  5. The City of Reno in Nevada will be concentrating on working with Flirty to deliver medical supplies.

10 out of the 149 proposals that emerged winners were selected. The complete details of each trial have not yet be released. However, each applicant will be having about two and half years of running their trials. 

According to Elaine Chao – Us Secretary of Tran – “Data gathered from the pilots projects will form the basis of a new regulatory framework to safely integrate drones into our national space.”


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