WhatsApp clashes with its Parent Company (Facebook)

A report from Washington post has revealed that the WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum has had clash with the with Facebook because Facebook was attempting to use users personal  data and weaken WhatsApp encryption.

WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum said in his post on Facebook: “it’s been almost a decade since Brain and I started WhatsApp and it’s been an amazing journey with some of the best people. ‘But it is time to move on’. ” ( Brain Acton is a cofounder of WhatsApp)

Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO responded to Koum post by saying that he was grateful for what he had learnt about encryption from Koum plus its capacity to transfer power from centralised system to the hands of people. “Those values will always be the heart of WhatsApp.” Zuckerberg said.

Ever since the issue of Cambridge Analytical Scandal started, the European regulator have been trying to constrain or restrict Facebook from using Users data on WhatsApp as Phone numbers to develop product and target ads.

Back to History

In 2009, Mr Acton of Standford Olomnus and Mr Koum -Ukrainian Immigrant – started WhatsApp.

In 2014, Facebook purchased WhatsApp at the rate of $99bn or £13.8bn both in stock and cash.

History tells that WhatsApp is not a big fan of advertisement by saying “just another ad clearing house.” Where the engineering team “spend their day tuning data mining.” WhatsApp used to charge a £1 yearly subscription fee which has been stopped since 2016 and they have charging businesses for specialized services instead.

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