T288 – Apple’s Project Undergoing Development

According to someone who is familiar with Apples’ Project, Apple is now working on a headset that combines both AR and VR. Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) said the upcoming technology is as important as the iPhone. Cook also said that he sees bigger possibilities in the AR than VR. One of the basis for his perception, is because augmented reality allows someone to be more present.

The person who has connection to Apples’ plan, made a clear statement that Apple headset would be connected to a dedicated box by making use of a high speed and short range wireless technology. He explains further that the box which is going to be powered by a custom Apple processor is very powerful than anything available as at now. This box is going to function as the brain  for both AV and AR headset. The box is similar to a PC tower but it is not going to be a Mac computer.


Android product computer

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This is going to be different from the HTC vive as it is not going to allows users to install special base stations in a room for their location’s detection. The Apple head set and box will has everything being built in it.

What Else?

Based on what the mouth piece for Apple project said, The company is working on a headset which capable of running both AR and VR technology. The plan so far call for an 8k display for each eye which higher resolution than what we have as best today. The smartphone would be untethered from a computer and smartphone.

T288 (The project code name) is still in it’s early phases if development and it is slated for release in 2020. Get ready for it. It is important to know that Apple might still cancel this project at anytime. But we will be keeping our mind abreast if their would be any development.


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