Some Greatest Cyber Attacks In History

We have some compiled biggest cyber attacks in history for you which were launched  as large-scale cyber terrorism and put nations into confusion.

The Original Logic Bomb 

During the cold world war in 1982, the CIA found a way to disrupt the disrupt the operation of a Siberian gas pipeline of Russia without using traditional explosive devices such as missiles or bombs. Instead, they cause the Siberian gas pipeline to explode using a portion of a code in the computer system that controls its operation in what they tagged as ” logic bomb.”

Titan Rain

In 2004, Shawn Carpenter discovered a series of coordinated ‘cyber raids,’ in what the FBI believed to originated from government – supported cells in China.

Dubbed as ‘Titan Rain,’ hackers were able infiltrate several computer networks including those at NASA and the Lockhead Martin, Read stone Arsenal, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Considered as one of the biggest cyber attacks in history, these acts posed he dangers of not making off with military intelligence and classified data, but also paved the way for other hackers and espionage entries to infiltrate these systems as they leave backdoors or ‘zombify’ these machines.

Moonlight Maze

One of the earliest forms of major infiltration where hackers penetrated American computer system at will; Moonlight Maze was an accidental discovery made by the US officials and was believed to be conceived by the Russians although they denied their involvement.

In this cyber attack, hackers targeted military maps and schematics and other US troop configurations from the Pentagon, the Department of Energy, NASA and various universities attacks that was discovered in March 1988, but had been going on for nearly two years.


One of the costliest cyber attacks in history, the data breach in Epsilon, the world’s biggest provider of marketing and handling services to industry giants such as JP Morgan Chase. Best Buy, and other major financial services, retailers and other major companies in 2011, has an estimated damage cost that ranged from $225 million to $4 billion dollars. The targets of the hackers were email addresses that they can use for their criminal activities, mailing  its implications a lot greater than estimated.

The Estonian Cyberwar

The government is Estonia was subjected to cyber terrorism on April 27, 2007 by the Nashi, a pro-Kremlin group from Transnistria. One of the largest after Titan Rain, they employed a number of techniques such as ping  floods and botnets to penetrate and take down key government websites rendering them useless.

Their method was so complicated that the Estonian government believed that they might have had aids from the Russian government. What triggered these attacks was an important icon to the Russian people, in the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, an elaborate Soviet-era war grave marker and the war graves that were relocated by the Estonian government.


In 2011, 77 millions of PlayStation Network and Sony Online were stolen by unknown group of cyber attackers. The outage from external intrusion has an estimated damage at $1 to $2 billion dollars; and the worst thing that can happen to dedicated gamers happened. Where attackers were able to log on even when the company was trying to fix the breach, which lasted for 24days.



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