How to Always Start Google Chrome Browser in Private Browsing Mode

  •  To activate Google Chrome’s incognito mode by default, you must add a command line option to its shortcut.
  • First, locate the shortcut you use to launch Google Chrome – either on your taskbar, desktop, Start menu.
  • Right click it and select “properties.” If you’re using a taskbar shortcut you’ll have to right-click the Google Chrome shortcut on your taskbar, right-click “Google Chrome” in the menu that appears, and then select “properties.”
  • Add incognito to the end of the text in the Target box. That’s a space, one dash, and then the word incognitio.
  • Click OK to save your changes after adding this option.
  • Google Chrome will now start in incognitio mode when you launch it from shortcut. 
Chris Adedoyin


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