Facebook Changes Its Terms of Service(T.O.S) – 1.5bn Users Are Affected

Facebook has now changed its terms of service, indicating that about 1.5bn users will become unprotected with the strict privacy protections rules that is coming to Europe.

The genesis of this tough regulations can be traced to the mishandling of users data by the tech giant. Facebook has been attack with series of questions by lawmakers and regulators worldwide.

The major issue about this change of policy is about answering the question of which category of users will be regulated by its European headquarters in Ireland?

In a perception, this means that the tech giant is trying to avoid the application of the upcoming General Data Protection (GDPR) to countries outside EU.

Technology firms are now rushing in order to meet up with May deadline of GDPR-complaint. Over 70percent of its users will be affected by this change. Prominent among those users that be affected are its 1.5billion members in Africa, Australia and Latin and Latin America.

The users in the US and Canada have never for once be subjected to this kind of European rule.

According to Stephen Deadman (Deputy Chief global privacy officer of Facebook) “The GDPR an EU consumer law setout specific rules for terms and data policies which we have incorporated for EU users. We have been clear that we are offering everyone who uses Facebook the same privacy protections, controls and settings, no matter where they live.”

Slyvia Kingsmill – a digital privacy privacy expert at consultancy KPMG – said, “such moves were ” an easy way out…..I think that the public expectation is that data, which they freely give up to corporate giants, is protected and I think this kind of move will catch up with firm that make it

She said further that the regulators and lawmakers in the US and Canada were working on their own laws which would reflect the same controls offered by the ‘game changing’ GDPR.

In year 2018, Facebook moved its international headquarters to Ireland in order to capitalized on the low corporate tax rates offered by the country. However, this also implies that all its users outside the US and Canada were protected by European regulations. The change also indicates that the users who are not from Europe will  not be able to file complaints with the Irish data protection commissioner and the Irish courts.

It is also important to note that GDPR will be fully implemented by next month which offers EU consumers more greater control over their data. And any firm that will breach data laws will pay a fine up to 4percent of its annual global income.

In the Congress, Zuckereberg was asked if the regulations should be applied in the US, he responded by saying that “I think everyone in the world deserves good privacy protection.”

Chris Adedoyin


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