Chinese Tech Giant – Sina Weibo Back off At Scrubbing Homosexual Contents Online

On Friday, one of the big brothers of Chinese  social media network, Sina Weibo made an announcement that it was launching a clean up campaign for the next three months, it is going to remove some contents like images, videos, text and cartoons which are related to pornography, violence, and homosexuality.

Weibo said “This is to further ensure a clean and harmonious environment. ‘We had already scrubbed more than 50thousands post.’

The tech giant also explained that they were bringing up the cleanup due to a stricter internet laws initiated last year.

The Chinese government  has also initiated a campaign in last year which is all about scrubbing inappropriate internet contents.

According to censorship tracker FreWeibo, the term ‘homosexuality‘ had been the  mostly searched term on Weibo as at  Monday.


Most of the LGBT community has protested against this movement by using the hashtags #IAMGAY# and #ScumbagSinaHelloIAMGay#. Some of them have even endeavoured to test the ban and upload their pictures with partners, gay friends and relatives.

PuChumuei was on of the protesters who impassioned  post and pictures(her picture and her gay son picture). And she said, “My son and I love our country…we are proud to be Chinese! ‘But today I saw the announcement by Sina Weibo… a source of news, it is discriminating and attacking minorities, and this is violence!”

An outdated video was posted, it shows where gay volunteers stood in the street inviting passers by to hug them -The poster indicates that the original video had been taken down – “Today I couldn’t help myself but post this again.”

As at early Monday morning, many of these posts were still on the internet and censors seemed to have nothing to do about them.

Another comment made by Sina Weibo is that It clean-up operation will “no longer apply homosexual content. ‘We thank everyone for their discussions and suggestions’ “

Nitizens shared. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexual…” We hope that Weibo will not perpetrate such discrimination in the future.” A User said.



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