War Against Jihadist’s online Recruit

At Technology Entertainment and Design Conference (TED) information about online system used by the Jihadist groups at recruiting members and the way which google has been fighting extremists were revealed

According to BBC, Yasmin Green(The head of R&D for Alphabets Jigsaw breaks) will fight the extremism with emphatic technology.

Google pledges to 10,000 more workers to tackle the extremists contents online.

Yasmin Green – also said that an eight weeks trial which targeted at those who are searching for some Jihadist materials on Google with adverts and videos that offer alternative views has now got to 300,000 potential recruits.

There is a Jigsaw’s redirect method which provides link to anti-extremist contents including some messages of peace from clerics, videos from Isis defactor and smartphone footage from those residing in some areas which are Isis’ controlled.

This kind of links will popped up when anybody type a search query about Jihadism into google.

Ms Green explained that there has been a sophisticated method of which Isis recruits people through the internet by offering some propaganda videos diverse languages.

Ms Green said, “They had a video in sign Language. They took the time to make sure their  message reached the hard-of-hearing.”

Ms Green who was born in Iran said that she had spent some time in Iraq meeting young people in the country  who had joined Isis.

According to her, “I talked to a 23-year-old who had trained as a suicide bomber before he defected and I asked him if he had known everything that he now knows whether he would still have joined and he said yes. ‘He was so brainwashed that he wasn’t taking in any contradictory information.’ ” 

Information Concerning the Hate Speech

Ms. Green further mentioned about the need to build an emphatic technology in order to fight online abuse which worked in the same manner as the Jihadist Propaganda.

“Online harassment also want to wore out what resonates with another humanbeing but not to recruit them, rather than cause the pain.

“It is perverse art of working out makes people angry or afraid and the pursuing those pressure points.”

There has been device or tool that Jigsaw – in conjunction with Wikipedia & NewYork Times – has created. A tool in an artificial intelligence system which learns to understand better the emotional impact of language in order to destroy abuse.

This tool has been subjected to a lot of criticisms ever since it was launched. Some argue that it has limited capacity and ability to detect hate speech.

The Online hate speech director, Quartz said “garbage truck” 78percent toxic and “race war now” was only 24percent toxic.

Inspite of all the criticisms and oppositions, Ms Green is still convinced the technology can offers the solution to reinvigorate the spaces online.



Chris Adedoyin


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