Day 2 Facebook Faced Congress As Senators Turns Session Into A Market Opportunity

In today’s hearing at Washington DC, Most of the senators endeavored to capitalize on the hearing in order gain a audience with Facebook.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) said “my son Charlie, who’s 13, is dedicated to Instagram, so i’d want to be sure  I mention him while I was here with you, ‘ I’ve got 4900 friends on my Facebook page. I delete the haters and save room for my family members and true friends on my personal page,

Another senator, Sen. Thom Tills(R-Ne) told Mark Zuckerberg ” I’m a proud member of Facebook, just got a post from my sister on this being National sibling Day.” 

Yet another senator, Sen Shelley More Capitol (R.WW) told Mark Zuckerberg to come with some fibre the next time he is visiting the West Virginal. She made it clear that some local areas in her state are lacking good internet connection.

Several congress members have joined in the same pattern in the second day of the congressional hearing asking the CEO to bring similar opportunities to their districts.

Chris Adedoyin


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