Despacito – YouTube Video Contents Hacked.

Despacito are music video contents on YouTube which have achieved over 5billion views. This successful video contents have now been hacked by some hackers.

The name of the hackers are Presox and Kuroish.

The original video content is yet untouched but most of the tiltles have now been changed by including he hackers names. Its cover image has been removed and replaced with an image of a group of people who wearing masks and pointing guns.

One of the hackers wrote in his twitter account. ” It’s just for fun, I just use (the) script ‘YouTube – changed titles video’ and i wrote ‘hacked.'”

According to a Cyber Security expert, Pro Alan Woodward, who came from Surrey University; “it was unlikely that the hackers was able to gain access easily. To upload and alter video content with code, you should require an authorisation token. So, either this hacker has found a way around that need for authorisation, or they are being economical with the facts, or they obtained the permissions in some other way.

However, the cover image if Despacito has been removed and replaced with a picture of Spanish TV series, titled Heitst but the original video has now posted by Vevo.



Chris Adedoyin


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