Remedies for Facebook Users Against Mishandling of Data

Option One

You can secure your information by following these steps:

Step 1 – Log in and visit the apps settings page.

Step 2 – Under the Apps, Websites and Plugins, you should click on the edit button.

Step 3 -Then disable them

Note: You can find apps settings through a blue bar drop down menu located at the top of the facebook page.

Warning: This implies that you will not be able to use any third-party sites on Facebook again.

Option Two

Step 1 – Log into the Apps setting page on Facebook.

Step 2 – Now, unclick all the categories that you would like to secure. Categories such as: bio, family, religious views, birthday and you can post them on your timeline, activities and interests.

Option Three

Do not click on a like button of any products/services pages. In case you want to play games and quizzes, do not login with your Facebook account. You can login by going to straight to the site where you want to play the games.

Paul Bernal – a lecturer of Information Technology, Intellectual Property and Medical Law in the University of East Anglia – said, ” Using Facebook login is easy but doing so, grants the apps developer access to a range of information from their Facebook Profiles.”

Option Four

According to what Dr.Bernal told BBC, “there is really one way to make sure data we create on a daily basis remains entirely private, ‘Leave Facebook.’ The incentive Facebook we have to protect people more will only come ┬áif people start leaving. Currently it has very little incentive to change”

And Dr. Bernal also accepted the fact that many users are not likely to leave most especially those who see Facebook as “part of the infrastructure of their lives”

This view is inline with the view of those already promoting hash tag #Deletefacebook which has been trending on Twitter since the time of Cambridge Analytical Scandal began.

Option Five

This option seems to be less destructive, You can deactivate you account by stopping your account from appearing in search results which leave the users with the choice of bringing their accounts back. This will enable all future information to be stopped but all the information collected already will still be kept.

Option Six

You can delete your account by going straight to the delete my account page. But once your account is deleted, you cannot retrieve your information back.

You will have to follow theses steps in order to get to the page:

  • From the top right blue bar, click on downward arrow.
  • Click on General.
  • Select settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Click on Manage Account.
  • Click on Request Deletion.
  • Click on Learn more from the pop-box menu.
  • Now, scroll down to the selection of Deleting your Account and click on the link.

However, Facebook has advised users who want to delete their accounts to download a copy of their information before they delete their account. Facebook has also warned users the process will likely to last for 90days and other users will not be able to access them during these periods.



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