Steps Taken by The Tech Giant Concerning Users Data Breached By Third Party (Cambridge Data Analytical Scandal)

It is no longer  a news that about 87million users data have been collected by some rougues who developed an app for collecting people’s data.

As a result of this some users have been deleting their profiles on Facebook and promoting the hash tag #deletefacebook on twitter.

Check out some steps taken by the tech giant in order to amend the defects:

  1. Two screens will be visible to the Facebook users telling them if their data were among the about 87million data shared with Cambridge Analytical.
  2. Facebook users will be informed if there data were breached.
  3. Facebook said they will inform people what kind of apps they use and the kind of  data they may likely to have gathered.
  4. Cubeyou – a data analytical firm – has now been suspended  ahead of investigations.
  5. Facebook in conjunction with Cambridge University will examine if Cubeyou had collected people’s data for academic reasons used it for commercial purpose.

What is Cambridge University saying concerning this?

  1. The University said, ” Cubeyou merely designed the interface for a website that used our models to give users insight on their data.”
  2. “We have had no with Cubeyou since 2015.” Said Cambridge University.
  3. Cambridge University has also claimed not to be working with Cambridge Analytical and its parent Company.
Chris Adedoyin


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