Adpocalyse: Nasim Aghadam Allegedly wounded Three and Killed Herself Via Shooting

Nasim Aghadam a 39 year old woman was pissed off at the YouTube’s Video/Streaming giant’s polices and practices. And she allegedly drove down to San Bruno, California and wounded three people by shooting at them and killed herself. She was found dead on Tuesday inside YouTube’s San Bruno, California, Head Quarter. ‘Adpocalyse’ is a term coined to represent the video/streaming policies and practices of the YouTube.

Why was She Pissed Off?

She had already worked very hard by producing some video contents on YouTube’s channel and had gained about 10,000 subscriptions all of which were all cut down as a result of overwhelming advertisements shown on her YouTube’s Channels.

According to San Bruno Police Department: “There is no evidence that the shooter knew the victims of this shooting or that individuals were specifically targeted.

According to what Anghdam’s family told CBS Los Angeles. She was extremely mad at YouTube because she had put some video contents online and has not been paid by YouTube and she had been missing for some days.

Anghdam’s brother told Fox 5 Los Vegas that He had warned the police that his sister had driven from San Diego to the Bay Area, and that he was worried she might do something.

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