How would Facebook’s Future Looks As Its Defect In Handling People’s Information

Mark Zurkerberg, the Chairman of the board and the Company’s CEO made a clear statement that he has no plan of stepping down as the CEO but he explained that Facebook is now trying to come terms with the situation that occurred. “We’re an idealistic and optimistic company,” Zurkerberg said. “We know now we didn’t do enough to focus on preventing abuse and thinking through how people use these tools to do harm.” Zuckerberg explained further that Facebook is now faced with two major questions:

  1. Can we get our systems under control?
  2. Can we make sure that our systems aren’t used to undermine democracy?

According to Zuckerberg, “It is not enough to give people a voice, we have to make sure that people are not using that voice to spread disinformation.”To ensure that everyone in our ecosystem protects people’s information.”

While responding to the question asked by CNET, The CEO, said they are now planning to audit all apps and companies which connect with Facebook’s service. He apologized and acknowledged that the company had allowed bad actors to collect people’s public profiles.

Facebook Reactions:

  1. Facebook is now adding restrictions to its Facebook Login tool for apps that allows users to log into diverse services by using their Facebook data.
  2. All apps that will require access to Information as: likes, posts, photos, check-ins, videos, events and groups as a part of their login process will now have to get approval from Facebook.
  3. Facebook said outside apps will no longer be able to collect information as: religious, political views, relationship status or educational and work history.
  4. People will no longer be able to search Facebook profiles by typing phone numbers and email address into the social network’s search box.
  5. Facebook is putting restriction on the information developers could collect from diverse services as: Events, Groups and Pages features.

Though, Facebook has been trying to gain the some  public confidence at safeguarding people’s information. But yet, the has tag #DeleteFacebook has gain some grounds on twitter and won many support from prominent Silicon Valley personalities as: Telsa and Spacex CEO Elon Must – Elon Must deleted the two company’s profiles – and Brain Acton(a co-founder of WhatsApp).

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg said he had not fired anyone because of the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.” I am not looking to throw anyone under the bus.” Zuckerberg said

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