How to Receive All Your Android SMS on PC

Many of you on work PC for a long time and at that time it looks quite difficult to pick up android and read out every SMS received on it. Especially, when you are charging your device and working at distance from it.

  1. First download and install app Mighty Text in your android device.
  2. In your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.
  3. Open the app, you will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over WiFi network on which both devices being connected.
  4. When your  setup is done, now you will see your android name on the icon when you click on it.
  5. That is all done. Now when your android receive any SMS it will on your extension of PC and you can read it there.

With this setup you can get all your messages on your computer screen and can get rid of picking up your android again and again to read each SMS, just tap on the notification and watch out every message received.

Chris Adedoyin


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