The economics perspective of Africa technology

  Technology is a fundamental influencer of our day to day activities. The importance of technology in our daily routine can’t be overemphasized. When we...

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Blackfly – the latest effort at flying car 2018 At California, a flying car that will need no pilot’s licence has been exhibited. Blackfly, in...

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Hot tech happenings across the world

YouTube went blackout in a crucial moment again Suddenly, in the middle of England match, You Tube went blackout. This has pissed off the US...


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Facebook faces £500,000 fine from UK data watchdog. The UK’s data protection watchdog plans of  fining the social media big brother, Facebook, £500,000 (maximum allowed)...

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Exoskeleton – the new technology

At the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology Biomechatronics Lab, some researchers are now working on an exoskeleton that can help people to work and play for...